At Zaikenn, we have a unique set of products ranging from embedded to enterprise software. They reflect the true nature of
expertise beating expectations from customers across verticals and regions.

Our Services

With 250 plus man years of engineering and consulting expertise coupled with large pool of consultant and SME eco-system,
Zaikenn serves a trusted solution partner for many large corporations.

Scalable Solution Design

By constantly upgrading our product platform to match with processing speed and explosive data volume, our application & system design ensures both horizontal and vertical scalability.

UX Research & Design

As part of our engagement model with our customers, we perform extensive user studies to understand different kind of users to tailor the user interface visual and interaction designs.

End-to-End Engagement

Our Agile/SCRUM model rallies our team behind customer success. Our continious engagment with userbase is the key in solving their stack ranked business challenges.

Digital Transformation

Digitization of organization assets, AI driven insights to radically improve customer experience, operational agility, digital technology integration

Offshore Development Center

Serving as a true extension of your current business, we ensure elastic capacity, reduced upfront CapEx, Offshore time zone benefits

Professional Services

Implementation Consulting, Solutioning, System Integration, DevOps & Infra Management, Quality Assurance & Certifications


We continiously engage with our customers to understand the top business challenges faced and their root causes. These are transalated to clear project goals.


As part of our Sprint Zero and research spikes in our Agile/SCRUM process, we anlayse each backlog item for its priority order and resultant value.


With our lean development and delivery model, we practice functional acceptance as the key quality measure to deliver MVPs with great RoIs.

About Us

Zaikenn - founded by US and Indian Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs - has successfully taken several products to market and have shipped millions of devices. Our teams combine innovation, flexibility, speed and efficiency to delight our customers by providing positive, measurable & timebound business impacts.

Man Years of Engineering Expertise
Years of Global Track Record
Engineers and Associates Worldwide
Partner and Customer Eco-system

Leadership Team

Finding the right leader means finding the best partner. Our leadership team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of industry experience.

Our Customers

Here is a snapshot of our growing customer base !